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About us

30+ years in the industry...

PAFS is your facility vulnerability expert. We collaborate with you to determine where your residential and/or organisation’s safety and how security could be improved. Then we design systems that integrate best-in-class products to protect what’s important to you. Specialising in multiple building campuses, we’ve been supplying most of the UK with safety and security systems for more than 30 years, a testament to happy clients and our deep expertise.

When comparing safety and security companies, here’s what you need to know about PAFS:

  • We integrate best-in-class technology that will meet your needs today, and tomorrow.
  • We have facility vulnerability experts who can help you identify key gaps in your systems.
  • We optimise for both security and business objectives, coming up with innovative solutions.

"Great planning ahead and the job got done in no time. Very impressed with Paul's team."

-Darren J.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have a home/business broadband. How fast does my internet have to be?
    We recommend a 2MB connection speed for optimum performance.
  • Are there any extras to be paid once I’ve placed an order through your website?
    The simple answer in No, as long as you have allowed for mains adapters for equipment plug in and if the recorder is more than 2M away from your broadband router, this is where you will require a TP Link device for the internet connection into your recorder, if required, additional costs may apply.
  • What hours do you work?
    We will always try to arrive on site at your home or business address for 0800 MON-SAT.
  • Can I view my CCTV on my existing Smart TV?
    Yes you can, again you will need to select the additional TP link device which connects to the recorder for the CCTV system, this has an HDMI output and can connect to a spare port in your TV, the system comes with a mouse for software viewing navigation.
  • I see you are a registered NEST Installer?, what NEST Products do you support?
    Yes we are, we are fortunate to be able to offer full support and installations of all NEST products.
  • I have more questions, how do I contact you??
    Please call 08000 614 841, we are here to answer any queries regarding your current or future installations..
  • Is the viewing app free for CCTV and Intruder systems?
    Yes, both apps are free, we use Dahua CCTV cameras and Pyronix intruder systems and both can be downloaded free from the apps store or google play store, these will be set up for you on handover of each system.
  • What about the cable runs?
    We have years of experience in installing the cables, the Intruder is completely wireless and the only cables to the main setting panel would be a mains supply, the CCTV cable runs will be hidden as much as humanly possible.
  • What is the equipment warranty?
    Both systems have a warranty of 3 years from installation.
  • Do you provide out of hours support?
    Yes we do, please call us for ongoing maintenance contract details.
  • Can I add additional devices to the systems at a later date??
    In most cases you can, please call for more information as it all depends on the existing system which is currently installed.